Magnolia for pot-growing

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17  results


Our Magnolia suitable for growing in pots or large containers on the patio or balcony. These are small-sized bushes, deciduous or evergreen, with white, pink, or yellow flowers depending on the varieties. However, it will be necessary to choose a large container, so that the roots are not too cramped and the soil does not dry out too quickly. As for evergreen magnolias, which often flower in summer, various selections such as Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem or Michelia Fairy White maintain very modest dimensions, not exceeding 3m (10ft) in open ground, even less when grown in pots. Plant enthusiasts will appreciate the white and fragrant spring flowers of Michelia yunnanensis Gail's Favorite on a bush that reaches a height of 2.50m (8ft). Discover Magnolia denudata Sunrise, deciduous, whose yellow tulip-like flowers are streaked with red bloom in April-May. Among the deciduous varieties, which bloom in spring, let's mention Magnolia liliflora Nigra, a compact small tree reaching 2m (7ft) in height with purple flowers. The excellent Magnolia Elisabeth with cream flowers, very hardy, does not exceed 1.80m (6ft) in height. Magnolia stellata (Rosea, Waterlilly...), but also the astonishing Magnolia lolanthe with huge lilac-pink flowers. Ideal for beginners, the Leonard Messel hybrid is one of the easiest to succeed. Despite appearances, there are many magnolias of modest stature that will thrive well in pots. Here is our selection.


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