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5  results


Chrysosplenium is a genus of creeping, herbaceous perennial plants, belonging to the Saxifragaceae family. It includes approximately 65 species spread across Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. In France, the alternate-leaved Chrysosplenium (Chrysosplenium alternifolium), or Golden Saxifrage, is known and is protected in certain regions. Golden Saxifrages are very hardy perennial plants that spread rapidly thanks to their short stolons. They thrive in shaded areas, forming unique evergreen ground covers in moist soils. They succeed in heavy, clayey soils and prefer dense shade to full sun, which causes them to disappear. The flowers, often yellow, greenish, or white, are devoid of petals. They are often found in mountainous regions, similar to Chrysosplenium macrophyllum, which resembles a Bergenia, or as bankside plants like Chrysosplenium oppositifolium that grows along springs and streams.

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