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White delphiniums

6 results

6  results


Our white delphiniums. White-flowering Delphiniums, such as Pacific Giant 'Galahad' or the white selection of 'Magic Fountains Mix' with their majestic spikes and bright flowers, are beautiful perennial plants for borders. 'Pacific Galahad' is a popular classic variety known for its robustness and abundant flowering. 'Magic Fountains White' stands out with its more compact size, ideal for small spaces, while offering dense and elegant spikes. The 'Highlander Samba' Delphinium, a more recent variety, surprises with its late double flowering and seduces with its disease resistance. The 'Guardian White' cultivar, prized for its early flowering and excellent vase life, is perfect for bouquets. The Belladonna Delphinium 'Casablanca' is a very floriferous perennial from June to September, a fabulous and hardy variety ideal for a countryside setting. Those who prefer more natural varieties will appreciate the Delphinium belladonna 'Moerheimii', a less spectacular plant at 1.50m (5ft), but easier to grow. Let's also mention 'Moonlight Blues', which, despite its name, produces beautiful white flowers tinged with pale blue. Discover all our white varieties on these pages.

These delphiniums thrive in a sunny or semi-shaded position, in rich and well-drained soil. Regular watering and protection against strong winds are necessary for their proper development. 

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