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Sage for pot-growing

53 results

53  results

A large number of bush salvias can be grown in pots. These plants indeed form modest-sized bushes (between 50 and 70cm (20 and 28in) in all directions), very floriferous and colourful from spring to autumn. The common sage (Salvia officinalis) will find its place on the balcony, for harvesting its aromatic leaves. For visual pleasure, many ornamental varieties derived from Salvia grahamii (red sage) S.macrophylla and S.greggii make excellent potted flowers. Among the most well-known, let's mention Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips' with red and white bicoloured flowers and branches, the bush salvias 'Blue Note' in royal blue and 'Royal Bumble' with intense red flowers, and Salvia jamensis 'Violette de Loire'. New cultivars, such as the 'Mirage' salvias, with a very compact habit and excellent floribundance, work wonders in containers. They come in all colours, from white ('Mirage Cream') to violet ('Mirage Violet') including pink, salmon, mauve, blue, purple ('Mirage Burgundy'), and red. Growing in pots also allows for the cultivation of less hardy salvias, such as the beautiful Salvia leucantha and Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue', for example. The pots will simply be overwintered in a slightly heated greenhouse or an orangery. With nearly 1000 species and countless horticultural varieties, sages constitute a highly diverse group of plants. They come in all colours and for all situations. 

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