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Mimulus seeds

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4  results


Originally from Mexico, mimulus are tender perennial plants of the Scrophulariaceae family cultivated as annuals in our climate. Appreciated for their long and colourful flowering period, these plants, known as 'monkey flowers' in English, readily self-seed. Mimulus flowers are often covered with contrasting spots of colour, mainly in shades of yellow, orange, pink, cream, and red. The most common varieties are represented by Mimulus x)hybridus, resulting from cross-breeding between various wild species such as Mimulus guttatus (with a creeping habit), M. luteus (with yellow flowers), or M. cardinalis. They are small plants, more or less creeping or bushy, very floriferous from June to September, and they look fantastic in flower boxes, hanging baskets, as well as in borders during the summer season. Mimulus should be sown in spring, in seed trays. Their very fine seeds germinate to produce seedlings that should be transplanted into pots when they have 5 leaves. The young plants can be placed outdoors after the last frost and overwintered frost-free. Mimulus prefer fertile, moist to wet soils. 

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