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Recurrently-flowering Lilac

9 results

9  results


A selection of perpetual Lilacs, which flower several times in the season, between spring and early autumn. Very different from common Lilacs (Syringa vulgaris), famous for their delightfully fragrant spring flowering in clusters, these perpetual Lilacs are hybrid bushes of modest size, which bear small leaves. In this category, you can find recent varieties such as the scented Lilacs from the Bloomerang® series ('Dark Purple', 'Pink Perfume'), measuring 1.30m (4ft) in all directions, perfect for small gardens. They bloom abundantly in May-June, and then again in September-October. For the terrace or balcony, also discover the dwarf Lilacs or Syringa meyeri from the 'Flowerfesta' series like 'Flowerfesta Purple', covered in flowers in April-May, reflowering at the end of the season. The pink Chinese Lilac, in the form of Syringa microphylla 'Superba', has quickly found its place in many gardens due to its very floriferous nature and low requirements. We could also mention the dwarf Lilac 'Josée' that resembles it, with a more rounded habit, bushy and remarkable for small spaces. All these Lilacs are generous bushes, truly undemanding, which simply thrive in the sun, in any healthy and well-drained soil, even limestone.


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