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Double Peonies

65 results

65  results


All our double-flowered peonies:

Chinese peonies (lactiflora),  Itoh or bush (suffruticosa) with double flowers, all with silky frilled petals, have made the reputation of these garden divas such as 'Sarah Bernhardt', 'Queen Wilhelmine', or 'Bowl of Beauty'...and the legendary 'Duchess of Morny', the first to bloom in spring among the bushes. The choice of colours is also very diverse, ranging from reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, to white. The peony is one of the favourite flowers of gardeners, after the rose. These plants, a little slow to establish but very adaptable to many climates and soils, have a legendary longevity. They will allow you to create wonderful romantic settings and sumptuous bouquets, with Irises or lilacs, for example. Peony flowers can be single, with one or two rows of petals surrounding a clearly visible cluster of stamens, semi-double, double, globular, or in the so-called Japanese form. We have grouped them according to this criterion to help you make your choice.



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