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Affordable Fruit Trees

78 results

78  results


A selection of fruit trees at a low price, our best value for money! You will find on these pages a wide choice of fruit trees at a low cost, often sold with bare roots, to be planted from November to February. Apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees and mirabelles are known for their abundant fruiting and ease of cultivation. Among our low-priced selection, the 'Golden Delicious' apple tree with its sweet and crunchy apples, the 'Bigarreau Burlat' cherry tree with its juicy cherries, the 'Bergeron' apricot tree with its firm and tasty apricots. But also the 'Brown Turkey' fig tree which produces sweet and fleshy, melting and sweet figs, delicious in jam. In this selection, you will also find the 'Grosse Mignonne' peach tree which produces velvety and aromatic peaches, the almond tree with crunchy almonds, the hazelnut tree with tasty hazelnuts. The walnut tree is a classic of autumn, while the 'Nectared' nectarine tree offers sweet and juicy nectarines in summer. We offer you over 80 varieties of fruit trees at very affordable prices to create an orchard or a fruit hedge at a lower cost!

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