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The Diosma nicknamed "Fisherman's Plant", are evergreen, aromatic, and flowering South African shrubs that resemble heathers. The most well-known varieties are Diosma hirsuta 'Pink Fountain' which forms a mist of pink flowers and 'Sunset Gold' with golden foliage and small white flowers. The Diosma genus, closely related to Coleonema, belongs to the rutaceae family, just like citrus trees. They are all small and bushy shrubs native to the Cape Province in South Africa. Their very delicate foliage, pleasantly fragrant when crushed, resembles that of heathers. Their flowering, in small pink or white stars, is early and remarkably long, from February to June-July. Diosma is a plant that is very drought resistant but unfortunately frost-sensitive at -5 °C. It can only be grown in the ground on the Mediterranean coast or in mild oceanic climates, in acidic to neutral soil. Elsewhere, it will thrive in a pot and be brought in for the winter. 

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