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Sweet Pea seeds

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80  results


The sweet pea seeds or Lathyrus, a climbing vine-plant with tendrils, are sown in groups of 3 seeds, directly in place, in April, at a depth of 3cm (1in). Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Sowing under cover in March is possible with intermediate transplanting for planting in May. Annual or hardy herbaceous perennials, sweet peas have papilionaceous flowers, sometimes scented, measuring 2 to 4cm (1 to 2in) long, gathered in small lateral spikes. They bloom abundantly from June to November and offer a multitude of colours. They appreciate a rich and always moist soil, which is firm but well-draining. They tolerate limestone well. Avoid drafts. Partial shade is tolerated, but flowering is better in full sun. Fertilize once a week with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to stimulate flowering. 

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