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11  results


Olearias are native to New Zealand and Australia. They are shrubs and evergreen bushes. The flowering is characterised by star-shaped flowers like daisies in white, pink, purple, lavender, or blue, which bloom from spring to autumn. 

Olearia traversii is one of the best evergreen shrubs to create effective screens by the seaside thanks to its beautiful dense foliage, dark green and shiny on the top and silver underneath. Olearia hybrid x scilloniensis is also an excellent evergreen shrub for coastal areas, in mild climates, it is adorned in spring with a multitude of small white flowers with yellow centres resembling asters. Olearia virgata is, on the other hand, an ideal evergreen shrub to create effective screens by the seaside thanks to its fine rosemary-like foliage forming an overall green-grey bush that is upright and airy, with a wild charm. Olearia solandri 'Aurea' is very different from other species as it has fine branches, covered with evergreen foliage reminiscent of heather, green tinged with bronze.  

All Olearias require a sunny position, a rich but well-drained soil. They tolerate pollution and sea spray, making them very valuable in coastal garden hedges. 

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