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Small sized Magnolias

28 results

28  results


Small Magnolias, not exceeding 3 m (10ft) in height, perfect for small gardens, or suitable for container cultivation on a terrace. Among the deciduous varieties, which flower in spring, include the Magnolia liliflora Nigra, a compact tree 2m (7ft) high with purple flowers. All the Magnolias stellata (e.g. Rosea, Waterlilly), but also the astonishing Magnolia lolanthe with immense lilac-pink flowers. Ideal for beginners, the hybrid Leonard Messel is one of the easiest to succeed with. As for evergreen magnolias, often flowering in summer, various selections such as Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem or Michelia Fairy White also maintain very modest dimensions. Lovers of rare plants will appreciate the white and fragrant spring flowers of the Michelia yunnanensis Gail's Favorite on a bush that reaches 2.50 m (8ft). And discover Magnolia denudata Sunrise, deciduous, whose tulip-shaped yellow flowers flamed with red bloom in April-May. Despite first appearances, there are many modest-sized magnolias that are suitable for the size of our modern gardens. Enjoy exploring our selection.


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