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Ornamental grasses for moist soil

68 results

68  results


There are a multitude of species and varieties of ornamental grasses, among which it is not always easy to choose. Indeed, while they are generally very easy to cultivate, these perennials still have preferences. Some thrive in wet or waterlogged soils. Appreciated for the graphic design of their silhouette or foliage as well as the lightness they bring to luxuriant plants that thrive in cool and humid environments, let's mention Molinia, the ribbons of shepherd's purse (Phalaris) or many Carex. They can be installed individually, as a border, or in a mass, in shade or in sun depending on their stature and requirements. The banks of water features will naturally welcome this type of grass, as well as gardens or areas of the garden located in hollows, in clay soil that will retain moisture for a long time. Play with foliage and colour contrasts!

Here is our selection of grasses for wet soil:

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