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Acer - Maple tree

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101  results


The Maples or Acer are beautiful trees or bushes that are essential in gardens. They are very decorative and have palmate leaves with splendid autumnal shades depending on the species. The most common ones are the Japanese Maples with the Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' with purple palmate foliage. With varying growth rates and very hardy, Maples are easy to cultivate. They grow in rich, deep, moist, humus-rich soil in sunny or semi-shaded locations. Pruning consists of removing old, overcrowded or poorly shaped branches, usually in winter. With their diverse appearance, Maples can be used in all corners of the garden. By combining them with rhododendrons, andromedas and heathers, you can create magnificent shady borders. Some species are perfect for bonsai or container cultivation.

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