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6  results


Crambe, cloud cabbage (Crambe cordifolia) or maritime cabbage (Crambe maritima), is a very beautiful perennial ornamental cabbage, appreciated for its white and airy flowering. This cousin of the cabbage, belonging to the same Brassicaceae family, possesses such ornamental qualities that it deserves better than a place in the vegetable garden or ending up in a pot. From a tuft of ample thick leaves rise, in late spring, magnificent panicles of tiny white and fragrant flowers, comparable to those of a paniculate baby's breath, especially in the case of Crambe cordifolia, the most commonly planted in our gardens. A bit slow to establish, it is an enduring perennial plant that will accompany the gardener for about ten years. A few years of happiness at eye level, with the nose immersed in a honey-scented mist! Place it in the sun, a bit away from other plants as it fears competition. Offer it a deep, well-drained, fertile soil, even calcareous. Set up your Crambe in a large flower bed, in the company of roses or shrub peonies for example, it will lighten their opulent flowering. 


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