Eye-catching winter shrubs

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885  results


Trees and bushes with winter interest bring presence to the garden during the cold season, whether thanks to their bark, or coloured or twisted wood, their evergreen or colourful foliage, their fragrant flowering or their decorative fruiting. These plants prove to us that winter, sometimes sadly referred to as the "dead season", has many charms and advantages.

And even more so because these manifestations of life in the off-season often shelter and nourish the small wildlife that frequents our gardens throughout the year. From traditional conifers, aucubas and dogwoods to maples, from mimosa to daphnes and witch hazels, from arbutus to Callicarpa and botanical roses, countless shrubs and trees adorn themselves with beautiful attire between November and March. There are all sizes, for all climates and all soils.

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