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Pink Ajuga

4 results

4  results


Our creeping Ajugas with pink flowers. These are varieties like the Ajuga reptans 'Rosea', whose floral spikes are a lilac pink and not blue like the classic creeping bugle (Ajuga reptans). Among the best, we can mention the cultivar 'Purple Torch', particularly floriferous, whose flowers are a brighter, very fresh pink. Ideal for brightening up slightly shady areas, Ajuga reptans 'Gold Change' spreads its small acid yellow foliage and comes alive with small pale pink candles in May-June. All these small plants have shiny, evergreen leaves in winter, decorative in all seasons. Thanks to their runners, these perennials spread quickly and form dense mats that discourage weeds and come alive with small upright spikes between spring and summer. Indispensable in cool, moist, even clayey soils, creeping bugles thrive both in the shade of woodlands and on cool slopes and not too dry rockeries.

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