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Google 'Trusted Merchants' customer reviews

You can find below is the list of unfiltered customer reviews gathered by the 'Trusted Merchants' third-party Google service.

The roots of my flower didn't hold when I removed the pot, all the soil fell off and there wasn't much left... it's just languishing! It hasn't grown at all!! I'm disappointed because considering the price, I would have thought the flower would have been more robust. I couldn't find it anywhere else, so I tried ordering online, but I won't do it again.
Quite satisfied with my experience with 'promessedefleurs', easy-to-navigate website, displayed stocks, simple cart validation... I appreciate being able to choose a more eco-friendly packaging, despite a rather high price for the result. Disappointed with the lack of labeling on the plants, out of 24 plants, 8 labels were well placed, the others were either missing or loose, making it difficult to find their owner!
Disappointed by the quality of the black cherry tomato seedlings, satisfied with the celeriac and angelica seedlings.
A real pleasure to browse the website and it's always a pleasant experience exchanging messages or speaking on the phone with the team at Promesse de Fleurs, always friendly and understanding.
Excellent nursery. The plants are always delivered fresh, in perfect condition. Never disappointed, and for years now.
Received a beautiful plant. Very satisfied. Already blooming. Thank you.
Very well. The well-packaged plants did not suffer during the journey. The carrier (DPD) is also very good. I immediately took them out of their packaging and planted them right away. Now we just have to wait for them to grow!!
Very quick delivery, but out of the 5 plants purchased, one did not survive. It was rather weak, but oh well!
Beautiful high-quality products that meet our expectations.
Good quality, healthy and well-packaged plants. A special mention for the mini plugs. The delivery is fast.
Good advice; 3 plants did not survive and were replaced without any problems. It was the first time that plants died. I highly recommend this purchasing website.
Excellent plants backed by excellent after-sales service.
No bad surprises, everything was impeccable and nothing to say, I recommend.
Living far from the nursery, I had reserved and paid for three potted trees for a total of €325.40. I had insisted during my purchase that the plants be healthy and beautiful. The next day, Promesse de Fleurs called me back to inform me that two of the plants were not "sellable". Since I had planned to plant the trees in the same space, taking only one did not fit at all with the garden plan! For this reason, and the distance to travel, I asked for a full refund, which was accepted without discussion. I particularly appreciated the helpfulness and honesty of Promesse de Fleurs.
The plants arrived on time and in good condition. I will repeat. Thank you very much.
Very satisfied with the Promesse de Fleurs website! Beautiful quality plants, interesting prices, impeccable delivery except for one time but responsive customer service. Serious, responsive customer service, good advice and they refund plants that don't take root! I highly recommend!
I have been ordering plants from this website for several years. Their range of plants is incredible. My only complaint is about the packaging and delivery. The plants arrive cramped and sometimes damaged, and during delivery, they can be so jostled that they cannot be planted. I don't know what the solution is, but I may have to try another supplier.
All the plants arrived in good condition. The packaging was excellent.
Very satisfied with my order and the very responsive customer service.
9 perennials delivered in poor condition. The numerous damages observed, in my opinion, are due to inadequate packaging and careless handling.