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3  results


Halesia carolina is a superb hardy bush that bears many beautiful white bells before the appearance of foliage. This particular flowering, occurring in May, has earned it the nickname "Silver Bell Tree". This flowering is followed by winged fruits. It is a fast-growing bush that can reach a height of 6m (20ft) if it thrives in your garden, i.e. in an acidic, sandy, rich, fresh, light soil in a sunny or semi-shady location and sheltered from winds in a humid environment. Also known as the "Snowdrop Tree", enjoy its elegance as a focal point in a short grass meadow or combine it with rhododendrons, witch hazels, Styrax, camellias or periwinkles that have the same cultural requirements.

Superbly ornamental, very floriferous and rare, its cousin, Halesia monticola 'Variegata', is a true small tree, robust and vigorous, with a bright green foliage marginated with cream yellow, turning yellow in autumn. It also flowers from April to May, before the appearance of foliage, in clusters of large white bells.

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