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4  results


The Alocasia is an original and extremely decorative indoor plant, which can be grown in the ground in frost-free areas. With its immense shiny leaves, which have earned it the name elephant ear plant, this spectacular tropical plant attracts all eyes. While the most commonly encountered species in cultivation is the Alocasia macrorrhiza, other hybrids that are more cold-resistant, such as the Alocasia Mayan Mask, are now available to plant enthusiasts. The inflorescence of the Alocasia, shaped like a yellowish-green cone, called a spathe, reveals its relationship with our arums and its belonging to the botanical family Araceae. It only appears on mature plants. When grown in pots, the Alocasia rarely exceeds 2 m (7ft) in height. This lush perennial will bring a strongly exotic touch when placed in a partially shaded area, combined with bamboo or a cycad... The Alocasia stands out as a focal point in a contemporary decor or in an exotic atmosphere, whether planted on a terrace in a large container or along the edge of a water feature. This voracious plant gets along well with arums, banana trees, or tree ferns.

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