Low hedges, 1m (3 ft 4 in)

232 results

232  results


The low hedge, less than 1m in height, is particularly suitable for borders and small gardens. It consists of shrubs with small growth, deciduous or evergreen, which define and structure the space without obscuring the view. These dwarf border shrubs, whether pruned or not, emphasise the layout of the paths or the lawn, conceal and protect the vegetable garden or compost storage area... Their small size allows them to be adopted by the dozen to enjoy their flowers, foliage or scents that bring the garden to life, even when space is limited. In our range, you will find a wide choice of plants for low hedges, including classics such as spirea, shrubby cinquefoil, or Japanese spirea, as well as other lesser-known shrubs that will allow you to personalise your low hedge.


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