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White Chrysanthemum

4 results

4  results


Our range of white chrysanthemums. Covered in adorable flowers in small pompoms, reminiscent of "pomponettes" for All Saints' Day, Chrysanthemum indicum 'Poetry' is proof that these plants, often associated with tomb decoration, also deserve a place in the garden. We love them for their late flowering, so precious for adding colour to the last days of autumn. These perennials, also known as autumn daisies, offer flowers of varying sizes, fully double or resembling miniature daisies, as with Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Aureum', for example.

Some tender chrysanthemums are grown as annuals, while others are hardy, especially those also known as "autumn daisies". Excellent plants for flowering containers, they deserve a place in flower beds. They like sun and rich, light soil, and are more sensitive to excess water than to temporary drought.


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