Lamium - Dead-Nettle

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21  results


  Lamiums or Lamiums are interesting perennial ground cover plants  renowned for their flowering and their pretty deciduous golden or silver foliage that brighten up shady corners of the garden. Similar to nettles, their pink, white, yellow or purple flowers bloom from April to June. These plants are very easy to grow and they enjoy any fresh, light and well-drained soil. Even if some species (for example, Lamium maculatum) tolerate the sun, direct sunlight should be avoided. Lamiastrum galeobdolon or Yellow Archangel is very invasive, so the shoots that naturally layer should be cut. Excellent plants for borders and flower beds, they can be associated with spring bulbs that will provide decoration before their foliage regrows. Tip: Planted mixed with potatoes, Lamium maculatum White Nancy repels Colorado potato beetles and improves the taste of potatoes. As for their virtues, White Lamium or White Archangel is a medicinal plant that acts as an astringent against bleeding and diarrhoea.

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