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Evergreen Butterfly bush

13 results

13  results


Butterfly bushes; more or less evergreen buddleias, which keep attractive foliage in winter if it's not too harsh. In this category, there are many Buddleias davidii and their hybrids that retain all or part of their leaves when the winter is mild. For example, the 'Nanho Purple Dwarf' Butterfly Bush with small, slender leaves of silver green, and the 'Silver Anniversary' Butterfly Bush with a velvety light grey foliage. The foliage of Weyer buddleias, for example that of Buddleja x weyeriana 'Sungold', also persists in mild climates. Several lesser-known botanical species, which are also not very hardy, are evergreen in winter: Buddleja auriculata with winter flowering, B. glomerata 'Silver Service' with small undulate grey leaves, Buddleia macrostachya or the tall Buddleia officinalis which flowers pink in late winter.

Graceful and easy to grow, butterfly bushes can be used as solitary plants, grouped together in mass planting, as hedges, or even in pots for dwarf varieties. They offer a beautiful diversity of colours and foliage, which allows them to be paired with all flowering shrubs in the garden.

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