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Nigella -Love-in-a-mist seeds

13 results

13  results


The seeds of Damask Nigella are one of the easiest sowings to succeed. It is done directly in place in March or early April, without doing anything afterwards. No thinning, no transplanting, they manage on their own! Germination takes about 12 days at 18°C (64.4°F). Originally from Europe, Damask Nigella is appreciated for its colours, blue, pink or white, the lightness of its finely cut foliage, and its elegant and very natural appearance. Its seeds tend to scatter, and year after year there are a few more in the garden, but that doesn't make it an unwanted invader, far from it! It does not compete with other plants and adds a pleasant countryside touch to all flower beds. Harvested in the middle of the morning and dried, its flowers are intended for dried bouquets. 

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