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Impatiens seeds

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4  results


Impatiens, or busy lizzies, are pretty annual plants ideal for brightening and flowering a shady or semi-shady spot for weeks. In a pot on a terrace or in a bed at the base of a tree, their small, bushy tufts with abundant flowers bring freshness, charm, and elegance. The varieties that are available as seeds are mostly derived from Impatiens walleriana, a tender perennial plant from the Balsaminaceae family that is grown indoors or as an annual in the garden. Impatiens express their fancy in the shape of their flowers, single or double, in their colours (all shades are represented except blue and black), but also in their foliage which displays different shades of green, cream, and purple and can be variegated. The finely toothed, pointed oval leaves create a beautiful setting for the flowers. A rich soil with compost which is kept moist, as well as a semi-shaded position, will ensure a beautiful flowering. Make sure it doesn't lack water during the growing season and consider adding flowering plant fertiliser to stimulate its blooming. Impatiens can be sown from February to April indoors, in a heated place.



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