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The Cannas or Balisiers are frost-sensitive rhizomatous plants that have magnificent flowers with astonishing colors. These plants, similar to banana trees, develop long stems with oval, green or purple leaves, about 50 cm (20in) long. They produce clusters of tubular flowers that are very colorful, sometimes even spotted. In spring, Cannas are planted at a depth of 10 cm (4in) and spaced 60 cm (24in) apart in  very rich, well-drained soil and in full sunlight. Susceptible to frost, the withered foliage should be cut back to 10 cm (4in) from the base, uprooted before the first frost, and stored in a cool and ventilated room or cultivated in pots. Cannas are often used in flower beds with Cosmos or bushes as they are very bright. To learn more about cannas, take a look at our dedicated article: "Canna: plant, grow, and maintain"

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