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Our Values

Respect for human beings


At Promesse de fleurs, we strive daily to demonstrate respect for each of our team members, customers, partners, and for the company's interests. Maintaining an interdependent harmony among all is the key to success.

We maintain simplicity, closeness, warmth, and promote mutual assistance.

We cultivate kindness and trust. The right to make mistakes at Promesse de fleurs encourages taking initiatives, finding solutions, and thus enables everyone to grow.

We respect each person's uniqueness, ensure a high level of fairness, equal rights and responsibilities, and promote the development of everyone's skills.


Collective Spirit


Collaboration is the foundation of work at Promesse de fleurs. We maintain a positive mindset based on communication. We practice daily listening, dialogue, negotiation, compromise, and coordination to find meaning and move forward together in the same direction.

Each person plays a key role in serving our customers and the company and strives to develop their versatility and adaptability.

We aim to be fair and avoid being arbitrary.

We promote solidarity in challenging times and sharing in success. We involve everyone in company decision-making and in its outcomes.


Commitment and Excellence


At Promesse de fleurs, we demand a strong commitment from everyone. We foster dedication and a mindset of striving for excellence. We demonstrate clarity, rigour, and great responsiveness.

Each person seeks to develop their skills and self-reliance. Each person takes  and accepts responsibility for their decisions.

Our ambition drives us towards innovation and making progress. We encourage proposals of new ideas and projects and provide the means and time to achieve them.

Leading by example is a key value at Promesse de Fleurs. We apply to ourselves what we expect from others and set an example.





Integrity is another key value. We do not engage in deception, be it with customers, colleagues, team members, partners, or as a company.

Authenticity and truthfulness are everyone's business.

We are not afraid to speak up, and information, good or bad, is shared. We promote transparency and speaking the truth.

We strive to keep things simple rather than hiding behind complexity. We acknowledge difficulties and failures and seek ways to overcome them. At Promesse de fleurs, we're capable of saying, ‘I made a mistake.’


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