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Chamaedoreas are lovely palm trees native to tropical forests or mountainous areas of South America, Central America, and Mexico. Easy to cultivate and maintain, they range in size from small to medium and make excellent indoor plants. Like all palm trees, they belong to the family of Arecaceae. There are approximately 110 species of Chamaedorea worldwide, including the Chamaedorea elegans, the mountain palm or parlour palm, which is often used for decorating our interiors and verandas. The foliage of Chamaedorea, decorative all year round, consists of light green to dark green palm leaves, which are divided into narrow leaflets. Chamaedorea live for a long time and flower at a young age, regardless of the season. Their branching inflorescences adorned with small balls somewhat resemble those of mimosa flowers. The fruiting in small balls of orange, red, and black is quite charming. Chamaedorea thrive in shade and only require good, consistently moist soil. With their air-purifying qualities, they are excellent plants for beginner gardeners.

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