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64  results


 Viburnum are beautiful essential shrubs in any garden. They are very decorative, they have toothed or lobed, green leaves that take on splendid shades in autumn depending on the species. The flowers, often fragrant, are grouped in flat or globose clusters and the fruits are sometimes decorative. The Viburnum Opulus (3m (10ft)), blooms in a large green snowball shape that turns white  then pink afterwards. Fast-growing and very hardy, Viburnums are undemanding and easy to grow. They thrive in rich, deep, moist, humus-rich soil in sunny or semi-shady locations. Pruning consists of removing old, overcrowded or misshapen branches after flowering. Beware of aphids! With various varieties, Viburnums can be used in all corners of the garden. To create a vegetal screen, use the Viburnum rhytidophyllum with its very dense foliage. Viburnum plicatum elegantly accompany heather plants and Hydrangeas. Resistant to pollution, they are perfect in pots on a terrace for urban gardens. Tip: To stimulate growth during the first years of growth, apply a potash fertilizer in spring.

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