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Cypress or Cupressus, like the famous Provence cypress Cupressus sempervirens or the remarkable Cupressus macrocarpa, the Lambert cypress or Monterey cypress is a low-maintenance evergreen conifer with remarkable sobriety, qualities that have earned it extensive planting in our gardens. From the hybrid hedge tree also known as Leyland cypress to the indestructible Siberian ground cover Microbiota decussata, there are many forms and species of conifers commonly called cypress, but their requirements in terms of soil and climate are very different. The genus Cupressus actually includes dozens of other, lesser-known species, all native to the Northern Hemisphere, plants whose immense qualities remain to be discovered. Cypress can charm us with a golden coat, like Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest', form a vegetal column worthy of ancient temples, like Cupressus 'Totem', or compete in romance with weeping cedars, like the one from Kashmir, Cupressus cashmeriana, but above all, it can envelop us in fragrance on a hot day. In the garden, after careful installation, this conifer is content with a sunny exposure and well-drained soil, even if it is chalky. It can tolerate summer drought once established.

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