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Paeonia - Peonies

134 results

134  results


Find all our peonies, classified by type.  

Herbaceous peonies: The most well-known of all, also called Chinese peonies or Japanese peonies, the varieties with double or single flowers disappear in winter and reappear in spring, they are very hardy and are true "all-terrain" perennials.  

Itoh peonies: Hybrid between a herbaceous peony and a bush peony, they are deciduous and very hardy like herbaceous peonies and, like bush peonies, have large flowers in unusual shades of peach, cinnamon, apricot, or canary yellow.  

Bush peonies: the most majestic of all, they form a 2-3m (7-10ft) tall bush, bear large flowers adorned with a beautiful bouquet of stamens, they grow very slowly and require a filtered exposure and a fresh and nourishing soil.

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