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Helleborus guttatus

23 results

23  results


Among the spotted oriental hellebores varieties such as the White Spotted Oriental Hellebore, the Oriental H. Double Yellow Spotted Oriental Hellebore or the Pink Spotted Oriental Hellebore stand out for their beautiful flowers. The 'White Spotted' selection charms with its white flowers sprinkled with fine, discreetly elegant spots. The Oriental Hellebore 'Double Yellow Spotted', on the other hand, offers double, yellow flowers, spotted with purple, which brighten up the garden in winter. The 'Pink Spotted' Hellebore has delicately speckled pale pink flowers. To these varieties, you can add the cultivar 'Red Spots', featuring white flowers adorned with red spots, or 'White Spotted Lady', with its elegantly spotted white flowers. Discover all our "Spotted" varieties on these pages.

These hellebores are perfect for borders, beds, and containers where they bring life and colour in winter and early spring. These plants thrive in well-drained, humus-rich soil, in a semi-shaded position.


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