Purple Centaurea

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5  results


Our range of Centaurea with violet or purple flowers. In this category you will find cultivars of the mountain cornflower, including Centaurea montana 'Purple Heart' with a purple centre and white ligules, or varieties derived from the annual Centaurea cyanus, for example in the Classic Magic cornflower seed mix. Purple Centaurea (C. atropurpurea) is a beautiful perennial that offers thistle-like flowers in a very dark red colour with hints of purple on silvery grey foliage. Some cornflowers even have almost black flowers, such as Centaurea montana 'Jordy' with its dark purplish-black heads. Plus many other varieties to discover among these wild and honey-producing flowers. In the garden they can be happily combined with white, blue, pink, or red flowers.

Robust and highly adaptable, centaurea is easy to grow in any well-drained soil, including limestone.

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