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3  results


Our range of Heptacodium. These ornamental bushes are prized for their late fragrant flowering and their ability to beautify the garden in autumn. The Heptacodium miconioides, also known as the "Seven Sons Tree" or "Seven Flowers Tree", is the most popular variety. It produces clusters of small white fragrant flowers in September. After flowering, spectacular red bracts remain in place, adding an extra touch of color. The compact variety "Temple of Bloom", with earlier flowering, is perfect for small gardens. It offers a flowering of scented and colorful star-shaped flowers from July-August until the frosts, and its foliage, which turns red in autumn, falls very late.

These bushes are suitable for both small and large gardens, as they generally do not exceed 4 to 5 meters in height. Their upright habit and decorative bark, which peels off in plates, add extra interest even in winter. Heptacodium miconioides is also appreciated by pollinators, especially bees.

Heptacodium prefers well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil, and a sunny exposure. Its maintenance is simple: a light pruning after flowering to remove dead branches is sufficient. Resistant to diseases and pests, this bush is an ideal option for gardeners looking for a robust and aesthetic plant.

To learn more, read our article "Heptacodium miconioides, a little-known Chinese plant that is making a name for itself!"

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