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The Draba, also called Whitlow grass, are small perennial plants of alpine rockeries belonging, like the alyssum 'Gold dust', to the Brassicaceae family, formerly known as crucifers. They are tufted montane or arctic species that form cushions and bloom from May to July, depending on the species, in light panicles of very small yellow or white flowers. Among the easiest to grow, let's mention for example the Draba aizoides, or False Aïzoon Whitlowgrass, or the Draba sakuraii. Hardy, whitlowgrasses require a sunny exposure, a very well-drained soil, even rocky, quite moist in summer but drier in winter. They will naturally find their place in rockeries, or between the stones of a wall alongside the wall bellflower, saxifrages, Aethionema, Azorella, Dianthus erinaceus... and many other perennial plants of rockeries.

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