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Fast-growing hedges

68 results

68  results


A fast-growing hedge consists of bushes selected for their vigorous growth, density, and ease of cultivation, which quickly form an effective screen for protection against prying eyes and wind. Evergreen bushes such as Elaeagnus or Japanese privet retain their foliage in winter and can reach their adult size within 5 or 6 years under good conditions! It can be interesting to mix species to obtain staggered flowering in a free or lightly pruned hedge. Plant your hedging bushes with a spacing of 80 cm (32in) to 1 m (3ft) between each plant, taking into account the width each will occupy at maturity. Explore these pages for the best fast-growing hedge plants exceeding 1.50 m (5ft) in height. These are easy varieties in most soils and regions.


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