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The Albizia, also known as the Silk Tree or Constantinople Acacia, is a small tree that is elegant with its highly dissected, light foliage, spreading habit like an 'umbrella' and above all, its wonderful summer flowering in silky pink, red or white plumes. The most well-known is the Albizia julibrissin, offering pink flowers on a green mimosa foliage. In recent years, beautiful varieties with purple or chocolate foliage have emerged, such as 'Summer Chocolate', and those with redder flowers, like 'Ombrella'. Once established, it is easy to cultivate, not very demanding, and resistant to summer drought, it dreads severe frosts and heavy, waterlogged soils in winter. Lastly, its deciduous foliage provides a light shade greatly appreciated in summer and allows the sun to shine through in winter. 

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