Crape Myrtle for pot-growing

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25  results


A selection of Lagerstroemia, commonly known as Indian Lilacs, particularly suited for cultivation in pots and containers. These are small, even dwarf varieties, very floriferous in summer, which beautifully decorate the terrace or balcony. In any case, it will be necessary to choose a container with a minimum diameter of 50 cm (20in) and a depth of 60 cm (24in) so that the soil does not dry out too quickly, but also for the stability of the plant. You can choose a plant shaped as a bush, a standard tree or shape it into a small tree with a single trunk through precise pruning. The entire range of colours found in Lagerstroemia varieties is present in dwarf varieties: from the red of 'Rouge Nain' to the fuchsia pink of 'Mimi Fuchsia' and the soft pink of 'With Love Babe' to the mauve of 'Petite Canaille Mauve' and the white of 'Pixie White' for example. Let's also mention the "Petite" series ('Petite Orchid', 'Petite Red'...). Special mention for Lagerstroemia indica ‘Berlingot Menthe’, a variety that does not exceed 1.5 m (5ft) and has small, fringed flowers in Indian pink with white edges. Perfect for stylishly decorating a balcony in a hot and sunny location! Cultivating Indian Lilacs in pots also allows for its cultivation in very cold regions, it will simply need to be overwintered like a lemon tree, for example.

Note that its ability to withstand severe pruning, the aesthetics of its habit, and the beauty of its bark make Indian Lilacs an ideal candidate for bonsai formation.

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