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Perennials for a mountain climate

465 results

465  results


Gardening in a mountain climate requires choosing perennials that can withstand snow and cold, long winters but also a relatively short summer season. Mountain plants do not like heatwaves, as nights are cooler in the mountains than in the plains and summer storms are more frequent there.  Like ColumbinesRock Cress, Thrift, Edelweiss, the alpine aster and the Alpine Sea Holly (Eryngium), the Mountain Cornflower, gentians and some monkshoods, mountain flora is rich in perennial species and varieties that can be planted in this type of garden. Let's not forget Pasque flowers and Houseleeks for rockeries, Liverworts and Lily of the Valley in woodland. Hellebores and Chinese peonies are also very robust plants that thrive well up to medium mountains. Alpine perennials often grow in rocky soils, and generally require good drainage. Find our selection here!


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