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The Anthyllis plants are either perennial, herbaceous or shrubby and belong to the Fabaceae family. Many of them originate from the southern regions of Europe. They are easy to grow in well-drained soil like rockeries. However, these plants have variable hardiness. They have spring flowers in the shape of peas that are delicately coloured. The flowers often have swollen and villous calyx and are almost always surrounded by a whitish down. Anthyllis plants have leaves that are precisely and intensely cut, making them appear whole and scalloped. If the Beard-of-Jupiter, Anthyllis barba-jovis, which grows spontaneously on the Mediterranean coasts and is clad in silver, is unattainable, there are pretty plants to discover such as Anthyllis montana or Anthyllis vulneraria. These plants form beautiful and original ground covers, giving a touch of scrubland to stone gardens.

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