Hedge Weigela

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9  results


Weigelia, or Weigela, whether planted as a hedge or as a standalone, is an excellent deciduous bush, easy to grow and generously flowering from the end of spring. We offer you a selection of varieties particularly suited for planting as a free or flowering hedge. Like the classic red Weigelia florida and its varieties 'Bristol Ruby' or 'Rosea' with pink flowers, these are robust, hardy and floriferous plants that can reach a height of 2.5m (8ft) in 5-6 years. These bushes offer tubular bell-shaped flowers arranged in clusters, ranging in colour from white to red, and much more rarely yellow as in Weigela middendorffiana. Their foliage can be green, but also variegated ('Kosteriana Variegata') or purple as in Weigela 'Alexandra' for example. Weigelas grow in any loose soil, even chalky, in sunny or semi-shady locations. They only fear overly dry soils: mulching the base is a good way to retain moisture. Pruning is not necessary for informal hedges, but it is well tolerated after flowering.


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