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For Nature and Biodiversity Lovers

For garden enthusiasts, planting trees or flowers is also a way to contribute to nature and biodiversity. The same applies to adopting responsible gardening practices such as mulching, monitoring watering, using ‘green’ fertilisers, or even making home-made compost.

The horticultural industry traditionally consumes significant quantities of plastic. To initiate a more environmentally-friendly transition, we are launching the first plastic-free ordering service.

Our goal is to offer plastic-free packaging that is both practical and robust and that ensures that the plants remain fresh and intact, in order in turn to encourage as many people as possible to change consumer habits and reduce waste.

To this end, we have been engaging in eco-design work with the assistance of local partners and manufacturers for the past three years.


Our ambition is to completely eliminate plastic from 100% of our orders within three years. We are thus calling on you to join us in this challenge!

Saving an average of 500 Grams of Plastic your order

When placing a plastic-free order:

- Our plants are delivered in recyclable paper and cardboard pots, replacing traditional plastic pots.


-Our solutions are custom-designed and suitable for all types of plants: bulbs, small potted plants, plants in pots or containers, shrubs, and trees.


-The cardboard and reinforced paper are made from FSC-certified, 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable materials.


-We aim to reduce any unnecessary packaging wherever possible.


- We only use plastic for extremely fragile items (such as bare-root roses or some bulbs that must be protected from moisture) and certain product labels. Viable alternative solutions are currently under development.


- For those who have not yet opted for plastic-free ordering, the casings and protective cushioning materials for plants are made from recycled and recyclable, ‘Blue ocean’-certified plastic.

Plant pots and containers: plastic horticultural pots are replaced with recycled and biodegradable paper bags or pots which are sufficiently robust to protect plants during transit and keep the root ball moist for a few days. Hessian is used for bare-root trees and plants.

Custom protective casing: recyclable plastic protective casing is replaced with cardboard casing and corrugated cardboard rolls specially designed for Promesse de Fleurs.


Plant padding: padding bubble-cushions made of recyclable plastic are replaced with crushed recycled cardboard or paper with excellent cushioning properties. Cardboard recycling and processing are carried out in-house.


Moisture insulation: plastic bags used to insulate large pots from moisture are 

replaced with kraft paper bags.


Package sealing: adhesive tape is replaced with staples and paper tape.


The ball’s in your court - how to select a Plastic-Free Order

When confirming your selection, select the ‘Plastic-Free Order’ option.


Our quest to reduce plastic usage is underway, but this initiative involves corporate costs and requires team training. For this reason, we are asking you for a lump sum contribution ranging from €1 to €10, representing about half the actual cost of the option.

Once our processes are well-established, our ambition will be to extend the riddance of plastic from all our shipments at no additional cost to our customers.


The cardboard used to secure ordered plants comes from an FSC-certified supply chain, meaning that the wood fibres are sourced from well-managed forests, reclaimed materials, or verified sources.


Consider recycling this crushed cardboard to mulch your vegetable garden or flower beds. It is easy to lay and highly effective in covering the ground and preventing weed growth!


Half of the horticultural pots we remove from packages are recycled. The rest are used  to pot-on seedlings and pot-on plants in our greenhouses as a savings cycle for our own purposes.

We only deliver seed and bulb products to your country. If you add other products to your basket, they cannot be shipped.