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Grapefruit trees

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3  results


The Grapefruit tree, also known as Citrus maxima in Latin, is often confused with the pomelo, Citrus x paradisi, which is a hybrid of the former and an orange.

The pomelo, like the famous 'Star Ruby' found on every market stall, is known for its large juicy fruits with an aromatic flavour, which is slightly sweet, tangy, and bitter. A vigorous citrus tree of the Rutaceae family, but sensitive to frost, the grapefruit tree is usually grown in a large container, which protects it from winter frost. The plant can reach a height of 6 metres (20 feet) when grown in the ground, but will remain smaller in a pot. Its bright green and glossy leaves are decorative all year round, and its white flowers are particularly large and beautifully scented in spring. The fruits are large, round, yellow or pink, and ripen during winter. 


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