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Variegated Trees

48 results

48  results


Our range of variegated foliage trees. The Acer negundo 'Variegatum' and the Cornus controversa 'Variegata' are two variegated foliage trees acclaimed for their beauty and ability to brighten a garden. The Acer negundo 'Variegatum', commonly known as variegated box elder, stands out with its green leaves speckled with cream, bringing light and texture to the landscape. The Fagus sylvatica 'Tricolor' is a tricoloured beech, its leaves combining green, white, and pink, changing with each season. The Liquidambar styraciflua 'Aurea', or variegated American sweetgum, stands out with its yellow-speckled foliage that turns yellow-orange to scarlet or pink in autumn. The Salix integra 'Hakuro-Nishiki', known as the dappled willow, is more of a bush. It surprises with its quite spectacular pink, green, and white leaves. Among evergreens, we know Euonymus japonicus 'Bravo', a Japanese spindle tree adorned with dark green leaves bordered with white, bright even in winter. Among conifers, the Pinus strobus 'Variegata', a rather rare white pine, stands out with its green needles streaked with cream. This beautiful tree brings a touch of rare elegance to the garden. These variegated foliage trees are decorative, contribute to biodiversity, and attract a diverse fauna. Discover our variegated trees!


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