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Godetia seeds

9 results

9  results


Here is a selection of Clarkia amoena seeds for single or double azalea-like flowers, also known as satin flowers due to the shiny texture of their petals. These annual plants offer soft and varied colours, bringing life to flower beds, borders, terraces, and balconies with their wildly romantic summer blooming. Clarkia is also an excellent cut flower, widely used in floristry. Originating from California, this vigorous plant belongs to the Onagraceae family, just like fuchsias. It forms a bushy clump of 50 to 70cm (20 to 28in) in height, with abundant flowering in summer. Clarkia can be sown directly in place in spring and will self-seed spontaneously in light soils. To extend the blooming period of your flower beds, we recommend spacing the sowings by 15 days. Clarkia is very easy to grow in well-drained, moderately fertile, rather moist, and light soil.


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