Evergreen hardy Geranium

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100  results


Deciduous and evergreen geraniums so that you can enjoy them even in winter! Hardy, very easy to grow, and appreciated for their generous flowering, most perennial geraniums are deciduous, but some species have the advantage of having foliage that remains evergreen through winter, sometimes extremely decorative foliage, velvety, embossed, and silver like that of the Geranium renardii, for example. This is also the case with the Geranium x cantabrigiense, a ground-covering plant with pretty pink or white flowers, or the excellent Geranium cinereum, an all-terrain variety, or the Geranium dalmaticum, both dwarf varieties, perfect for rockeries and borders. These are the most evergreen; however, there are many other geraniums whose foliage remains depending on the winter's severity. 

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