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273  results


A selection of shrubs at a low price for the best value for money. We offer over 200 varieties of shrubs to choose from to suit your requirments and to create your garden in your own image. From the wonderful Abelia Edward Goucher and the Japanese Crotonifolia Aucuba to the stunning Yucca filamentosa Colour Guard and Purple Barberry, Hornbeam, Susan Magnolia or Lyngold Forsythia, there is something for every taste and garden. You will find in these pages a wide choice of shrubs for sunny or shady areas, for dry areas (strawberry tree) or wet and humid areas like the basket willow. Buddleias and Lilacs, as well as hibiscus, Indian lilacs and oleanders are also available. Some plants, like laurustinus, make excellent hedge plants, while others are well suited for smaller gardens. We also sell trees like holm oaks or silver birches. These different plants offer interesting flowers, beautiful foliage or fruits, depending on the plant. In this category, gardeners will find shrubs that flower in the spring, summer or autumn , there are beautiful colors for the late season as well as honey plants like Lamarck's serviceberry. Not to mention heather plants such as the Japanese camellia Dainty California and Japanese maples. You can also find a range of evergreens that remain attractive even in the winter months. And of course, we also have a list of shrubs for borders and topiaries, like boxwood and Lonicera nitida Green Hedge. In a nut shell, we offer a wide choice of shrubs at very affordable prices to create the landscape of your imagination at a low cost!



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