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Tropical palm trees

42 results

42  results


Palm trees native to the Tropics first captivate us with their names, evoking journeys to the other side of the world: Hawaiian Palm, Paul and Virginie Palm, Manila Palm, Traveler's Tree from Madagascar, Fiji Islands Palm, Florida Palm, and many other magnificent exotic species. Often undemanding as long as they benefit from mild temperatures and light, they can be grown in large pots or containers for many years, sometimes even their entire life. Some will adorn the veranda, living room, or greenhouse throughout the year, while others will spend the summer on the terrace or in the garden. A few tropical high-altitude species, capable of withstanding light frost, can even be acclimatized in the ground in our most sheltered coastal gardens. 

Here is our selection of palm trees from the tropics, where you will discover well-known species, others more unique, and even a few rare specimens:


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