Late Hellebores

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Late Hellebores, flowering from February to April, bring color and life to the garden in late winter. Among these wonders, Helleborus orientalis are sought after for their robustness and great variety. Some varieties such as 'Magic Double Rouge' form charming bouquets of double flowers until April. More modest, the Helleborus foetidus, with flowers ranging from bright green to acidic yellow, and the Corsican Hellebore (Helleborus argutifolius), are appreciated for their resistance to difficult conditions. For fans of originality, the Helleborus purpurascens and the less common Helleborus cyclophyllus offer unique colors and flower shapes in March-April. Also take a look at the Sternii Hellebore 'Remi', with its compact growth and strong dark brown stems that bear both foliage and green flowers striped with pale pink from February to April. And many others, to discover in these pages.

Use Hellebores like elements of an ancient tapestry, blending them with woodland plants in brighter colors. Their foliage and flowers will enliven shaded areas throughout the year.



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